Black Truffle Slices

Black Truffle Slices

Black Truffle Slices

Flavour: Summer truffle slices in olive oil are one of the finest products. Summer truffles are cut in slices, preserved in olive oil. Feel the aroma and scent of freshly harvested truffles throughout the whole year.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened store in a refrigerator at (+2°/+7°C).

Packaging: Glass jar.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Other Size: 80gr / 270gr.

Quantity per Serving: 20gr.

Suitable for: Garnishing, appetizers, first courses, meat, fish dishes, eggs, and pizza.

Best Ways to Use:

• We recommend using it with the hand-made pasta.

• Elegant garnish for main dishes such as sliced of Chianina beef, carpaccio of swordfish, and tuna.

• The slices can be used to enrich the classic margherita, white pizza made with mozzarella and mushrooms.

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