Black Winter Truffle

Black Winter Truffle

Black Winter Truffle

(Tuber Melanosporum Vitt)

Other Name: Black Perigord Truffle, Black Norcia Truffle

Fact: The black diamond of gastronomy, it has a deep strong fragrance and is certainly the most aromatic among black truffle varieties. It has brown-black outer skin with dark flesh and white veins that darken with age

Flavour: Earthy, pungent, hint of cocoa

Availability: November to March

Shape and Size: Round and irregular shape

Storage: Refer to Guidline(Way to Preserve Truffle)

Suitable For: Appetizers, first courses dish, meat, fish, eggs, Carpaccio of ostrich meat, artisan bresaola, baked sea bream, garnished with parmesan and pine nuts.

Rarity during Harvest Season: Common

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